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We have hosted over 20 Virtual Tastings since last April and have really become pro’s at creating the right atmosphere, selecting great wines and partnering with fantastic talent to host the calls with us. We always have a guest speaker from the wine world. Once you join in a call you’ll find yourself amongst a group of wine lovers who are thirsty to learn all about wine while enjoying each others company and making new friends.  We use the Zoom platform to bring everyone together and send out the link on the morning of the tasting.

Our Virtual Tastings over the past year have featured Greg Brewer, Wine Enthusiast Winemaker of the Year for 2020, from Brewer-Clifton. Daniel Daou, Winemaker and Proprietor at DAOU Family Estates and Larry O’Brien, Ohio’s only Master Sommelier.
Joining us for A Virtual Tasting is much more than a “Happy Hour” online. It allows you to become part of a growing group of wine enthusiasts who are  connecting with winemakers, winery owners and wine educators from all over the West Coast and into Europe. 
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Virtual Tastings coming soon……

FRIDAY 17th SEPTEMBER 2021 – 6pm – Frescobaldi

FRIDAY 1st OCTOBER 2021 – 6pm – Penfolds

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