3 Reasons To Explore California’s Wild Wild West (of wine), Paso Robles

You will love this innovative wine growing region for all it’s creativity and swagger

There are many reasons to explore wines from Paso Robles but here are our top three:

1. There is always something new going on.

From Zinfandels, Italian Blends, to fun expressions of Spanish grapes you can always find something that fits your tastes.

2. Hot Days and Cool Nights

The temperature difference between day and night (diurnal shift) allows the wines to be powerful and ripe while maintaining acidity creating beautiful balance.

3. Size and Soil Types.

Paso Robles is California’s largest growing region with over 45 different types of soil. This gives the winemaker’s tremendous freedom and flexibility when deciding what grapes to use in their wines.

A Simple Way to Explore Beautiful Wine

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Daou Vineyards

At 750ml one of our favorite producers in Paso Robles is Daou Vineyards. This winery is known for its amazing wines red, white, and rose. When you come into 750ml, we can help you select a few bottles to experience all that Paso Robles wines have to offer.