5 Things About the Napa Valley You May Not Know Yet

Most everyone who loves wine knows about Napa Valley and the amazing
wine it produces. However you might not know these 5 things about Napa.

1. The average cost for an acre of land in Napa is $100,000. (50 years ago it was $1,000)

2.There are more than 300 stone arch bridges in Napa Valley.

3. The first commercial winery was established in Napa by Charles Krug in 1961.

4. Cabernet Sauvignon accounts for approximately 40% of the overall Napa Valley bottled wine.

5. There are more than 420 physical wineries with over 800 different wine brands.

A Simple Way to Try Beautiful Wine

If you like the sound of exploring wine regions like these, you might like to try one of our wine clubs. Each month our wine
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La Jota Vineyard Co.

At 750ml one of our favorite producers in the Napa Valley is La Jota Vineyard Co. This winery is known for its single varietal offerings (both red and white) that are reflections of elegance and polish.  When you come into 750ml, we can help you select a few bottles to experience all that Napa Valley wines have to offer.