4 Interesting Facts about the Big Bold Spanish Region of Toro

The Toro region of Spain is up and coming known for its powerful red wines.
Here are 4 interesting facts about this little known region.

1. Wineries and vineyards are found on both sides of the Duero River, at elevations ranging from 2,000 to 2,400 feet, but most of Toro’s better wineries operate on the warmer southern bank.

2. Most of the unirrigated bush vines planted up to 125 years ago bask in searing dry heat during a fairly short growing season before yielding small bunches of power-packed grapes.

3. The region gets its name from a local town, and wines rely largely on the Tinta de Toro clone of Tempranillo.

4. The best wines of the region age at least 18 months in mostly new French oak, are inky, plush and rich. They have high ­alcohol levels (almost always above 15% abv) and are tannic in structure.

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Numanthia Termes

At 750ml one of our favorite producers in Toro is Numanthia Termes. This winery is known for its bold and beautiful wine made with a focus on sustainability. When you come into 750ml, we would love to help you select a few bottles to experience all that Toro wines have to offer.