3 Reasons Why Champagne is Always the Right Choice

Many of us have been in situations where we are not sure what wine to
pair with a certain meal. Well we have a solution for you: Champagne!

Champagne is perfect for most meals because of these 3 reasons:

1. Flexibility of fruit characteristics: Classic Brut (Citrus and Orchard) or Rose (Berries)

2.High Acid: Champagnes vibrant acid content allows it to work with complex rich and simple fresh food

3. Who doesn’t love the sound of a bottle popping? Everyone loves a festive occasion and champagne makes any occasion festive!

A Simple Way to Discover Beautiful Wine

If you like to explore wine pairings you might like to try one of our wine clubs. Each month our wine club members
receive two “hard to come by” bottles that are hand picked by our sommelier, with tasting and pairing notes.
Learn more about our wine clubs here.

Maison Henriot

At 750ml one of our favorite producers of Champagne is Maison Henriot. This champagne house is known for its signature style showcasing minerality and complexity. When you come into 750ml, we can help you select a few bottles to experience all that Champagne has to offer.