3 Interesting Wine Facts about
Burgundy, France

We all know that wine from Burgundy is some of the best in the world.
 But did you know these 3 interesting wine facts about the region?

1. For a region that’s so well known, Burgundy produces a tiny amount of wine: about 3% of France’s overall wine production.

2. Monks, both the Cistercian and Cluniac Orders were responsible for learning how to cultivate the Pinot Noir grape starting around 1000 years ago.

3. Many millions of years ago, the Burgundy region was actually covered in a shallow sea. The result today: amazing limestone terroir to create beautiful wine.

A Simple Way to Explore Beautiful Wine

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Bouchard Père & Fils

At 750ml one of our favorite producers in Burgundy is Bouchard Père & Fils. This winery is one of the oldest in the region and makes beautiful wines that express a sense of time and place. When you come into 750ml, we would love to help you select a few bottles to experience all that Burgundian wines have to offer.